Hoping for a bit of help here, I'm fairly new to netware permissions. I
have the following piece of vb code

Private Sub LibraryList_Click()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
Sys.ConnectByDN (".dom.NovellServer")
On Error GoTo 0

Dim postOffice As postOffice
Dim lookupTable As lookupTable

For Each postOffice In Sys.ConnectedDomain.PostOffices
ClientList.AddItem (postOffice.Name)
For Each lookupTable In postOffice.LookupTables
MatterList.AddItem (lookupTable.Name)
If InStr(lookupTable.Name, "Client") > 0 Then
Set clientLookupTable = lookupTable
End If
If InStr(lookupTable.Name, "Matter") > 0 Then
Set matterLookupTable = lookupTable
End If
MsgBox "ConnectionError" & _

ClientList.AddItem ("Login Failed..")
End Sub

It works fine as admin, but as any other user, it reports the unhelpful error:

ConnectionErrorMethod '~' of object '~' failed

I tried adding the User with R/W permissions to both the DOM and the PO
(from consoleone), but that didn't help. Is there something i'm missing?
Do i have to access the DN differently as a user than i do as admiin?

If anyone could let me know what the minimum permissions would be to login,
and read and write to the lookup tables, it would be an extremely large help.

Any hints would be much appreciated.