Using the admin api (from VB6), how do you obtain the fact that a groupwise
object is disabled?
I can look at the expiration data field fine, and draw conclusions from

But what if the object is disabled in ConsoleOne, is the only way to find
this out to connect to the eDir place holder object?
And if logins are disabled in C1, is the only way to find this out from the
Trusted API login (that will fail with a proper error message), and possibly
an attribute in the eDir object?

On a completely different note:
we have developed a little app in VB6 that uses the trusted api to give our
helpdesk some more meaningful troubleshooting capabilities, including
searching for messages (junkmail filter and rules are very much
misunderstood and the cause of many calls here). The app also can modify/add
proxy settings.
We are interested in releasing that as freeware (exe only, no code at this
time) What would be best place to post this?