This is probably a simple problem, but I just can't seem to figure out what
is wrong. I'm working on an application that will take an excel file with
user information in it, create nds accounts for them, configure those nds
accounts the way we want, and then add a groupwise account to the newly
created nds account. I can get the first two goals accomplished with no
problems. However, when I try to execute the following line to create the
groupwise user:

Set objUser = objUsers.AddExistingUser(strUserName, strContext, strPass,
strPO, strDom)

I get a runtime error of 91 and a message that says "Object variable or With
block variable not set"

I have tried every combination of dots and CN='s that I can think of for the
strContext, I've hard coded the context in there and can't seem to figure
out why this error occurs. Right before this line, I have the post office
and domain written to a log file and they are correct.

Does anybody have any suggestions?