//Assume TempString is the uncpath for the groupwise server
//ie TempString:=\\GroupwiseServer\Vol1\GwDomain

Once upon a time, when this code ran,
a) if you had the proper edir credentials but no drive mapping to the unc
path, it would give you an error.
b) If you had the proper edir credentials and a drive mapping, it would

Recently however, and I'm not sure whether it changed with the latest novell
client, groupwise client, or maybe even zenworks client, it's behaving

Now it maps the UNC path automatically and always works. However even if
you already have drive mapping(s) to the volume, it will create one anyway.
This isn't a show stopper, but it is annoying.

Has anyone else run into this and what did you do to make the extra mappings
go away?