I have a program which lists members of distribution lists, and a customer
is trying to use it for a list in GroupWise 7 where some members are in
different trees. The program works perfectly when the members are in the
same tree as that in which the DL, PO and domain exist, but fails when
encountering a member in a different tree. For a "User" member, I convert
from IADAdminObject to IADUser then use get_Name, get_DistinguishedName, etc
to get the user information. A call to get_Name for a user in another tree
usually succeeds first time, but a call to get_DistinguishedName will always
fail as does a call to get_PostOffice. The first call to fail seems to screw
things up bigtime and a subsequent call (e.g. get_DistinguishedName followed
by get_PostOffice) causes the program to terminate immediately.

Is it a known limitation of the GW Admin Object API that it does support
objects in different trees? Or is there some way around this?

TIA, John