As stated in the Admin API Object Defect, there is a probleme using
Distribution List with members beloging to another domain than the one
you are connected to.

This problem occurs ALWAYS for me and not only in certain cases.

Does anyone knows if Novell is aware of this problem, and will take any
action to support the method .users.Item ??

I don t see any other solution to manipulate distribution list correctly?


For Information : Admin object

Defect #368646: In some circumstances, when the Admin API is used to
get a user in a secondary domain and report the name of that domain, in
the following way -

Set usr = objAdminSystem.Users.Item("bbaggins", "books", "secdom")
UserDomainName = usr.Domain.Name

the Admin API will report the name of the primary domain instead. In
addition, your Admin API application now thinks that any user in
the secondary domain now belongs to the primary domain. Defect
to GroupWise Development.