Hi all,

working with a 11000+ user gw system; multiple Domains + POs (40+).
I'm trying to read the complete system which runs fine with most objects; but there
are some DistributionLists/Groups (DL), where I get undefined errors.
The error is thrown when trying to 'set' the member-object, although I can
successfully read the MemberType?!

As a sample: I've a DL with 89 members; 80 Members can be read successfully while 9
members raise an error.
I've already checked different things:
# Nearly all members of that DL are from 'foreign' domains, so that is not the
problem, cause 80 members can be read successfully.
# I've no problems with 'dynamic groups'; these can be successfully read.

Beneath is a snipplet of my code; that's inside a rekursive preuedure which resolves

Has someone any idea what the problem is??

Thanks in advance,

' oDL is my current DL-Object
Dim collDLMembers : set collDLMembers = oDL.Membership
Dim iterDLMembers : set iterDLMembers = collDLMembers.CreateIterator
Dim bLeaveDLMembers : bLeaveDLMembers = false

Do Until bLeaveDLMembers = true

call Utilities.DoEvents()

Dim oDLMember : set oDLMember = iterDLMembers.Next
If oDLMember Is Nothing Then
bLeaveDLMembers = true
exit do
End If

If oDLMember.MemberType = eadObjDistributionList Then
sMbrType = "DL"
ElseIf oDLMember.MemberType = eadObjUser Then
sMbrType = "USR"
ElseIf oDLMember.MemberType = eadObjResource Then
sMbrType = "RES"
End If

Dim oMember : set oMember = nothing
On Error Resume Next
set oMember = oDLMember.Member <<< thats's where the errors occur!
If err.number <> 0 Then
cErrors.Add("Error occured...")
End If
On Error GoTo 0
set oMember = nothing