I must be missing somethig as I have tried this several different ways. I
need another set of eyes to tell me what I am looking through. I am
getting no errors but the addition of the user in the distribution list is
not done. This is the code that I am trying to use from VBScript:

Set vSystem = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareAdmin")
vSystem.Connect ("C:GWDom")

'//Get the connected Domain
Set vDomain = vSystem.ConnectedDomain
Set vDomains = vSystem.Domains
Set vUsers = vSystem.Users
Set sDomain = vDomains.Item ( "FC" )
Set sDomUsers = sDomain.Users
Set sDomUsersIter = sDomUsers.CreateIterator()
Set tUser = vUsers.Item( "AlbaJe", "F1", "FC" )

' Get the user who is to be added to the distribution list
Set MyTargetUser = Nothing
Set vUser = sDomUsersIter.Next()

While Not vUser Is Nothing
If (vUser.DistinguishedName = tUser.DistinguishedName) Then
MsgBox "I found the user in the list by DN " &
Set MyTargetUser = vUser
End If
Set vUser = sDomUsersIter.Next()

' Add the user to the distributionlist
If (Not MyTargetUser Is Nothing) Then
Set MyDList = vDomain.DistributionLists.Item("Administrative
Services", "F1", "FC" )
Set MyDLMembers = MyDList.Membership
' Note - User, or AdminObject type causes error here.
MyDLMembers.Add (MyTargetUser)
End If