Recently I've started to experiment with the MoveWithinTree() method, but
wasn't able to get it right.

My environment has multiple Domains/POs as well as multiple eDir servers.
I'm connecting to the primary domain and can retrieve the user object

Now, schematically I move a user to a different eDir context with commands
like this ..

oldDn = "JDoe.oldOu.oldOrg"
newCn = "JDoe"
newCtx = "newOu.newOrg"

[gw] myUser = domain.Users.ItemByDn( oldDn );
[edir] NWDSMoveObject( oldDn, newCtx, newCn )
[gw] myUser.MoveWithinTree( newCtx )

The MoveWithinTree() command always returns the exception "Couldn't move
object within the tree"

What did I miss?