It appears to be the case that you can't commit changes through the
Groupwise Admin Object API to a groupwise user on a Vista box.

I've tested VS 2008 using .net 3.5 and vista sp1.
I've tested Delphi 2005 win32 apps and vista sp1.
The apps work right on xp and not right on Vista.

Here's the behavior:
Take your code that works on xp and changes a value.
Put it on an Vista box.
If, for example, you change the phone number of a groupwise user to
If it already has that value, the commit call works just fine.
If it doesn't, it hangs for a minute then generates a commit failed, not
changing the value.
You also see it trying to create a Groupwise user.
As far as read only functions go, those work just fine.

The clock is ticking on xp as far as patch releases are going and the
rumoured Administrative soap library for groupwise isn't out yet. This
means whenever we have to go to Vista and Micro$$$$ quits releasing patches
for XP we're stuck with
a) Use an underpatched XP box.
b) You can't get there from here.

If anyone can prove me wrong by changing values on Groupwise users and
committing them on a VISTA SP1 or later box, I'm all ears. Otherwise, we
may be on a sinking ship.

Comments welcome, I only ask that you try your code out on Vista sp1+ before
you tell me I'm wrong.