What I have set up: contacts in the GW Address Book are linked via a custom
field holding an ID to entries in a seperate database.

What I want to do: when contact information is updated in the address book,
if it has the custom field set I want to ask the user if they want to have
their changes updated in the seperate database as well.

What I don't know how to do is be notified when a person clicks OK after
updating contact information, so I can then have my own code run that'll see
what changes where made, display a dialog, etc.

I thought I might be able to use C3PO for this purpose but it appears that
is not possible. Does GroupWise allow for this type of thing? If I can't
do it this way, does anyone have other ways I could go about doing this?
(My other plan is to just use Object API to scan address books at the end of
the day for changes, and then send emails to users that changed their linked
contacts and ask if they want their changes pushed to the database).