I've written a C3PO which essentially tries to extract all the content
included in and attached to a message and store it on the local file

I've succeeded in most of this but one thing currently eludes me -
attachments that are messages themselves, e.g. forwarded e-mails. I'm
iterating through all the Message.Attachments object and such messages are
identifiable by having Attachment.ObjType = egwMessage (see documentation
of Attachment object in GW Object API documentation).

When I find such an attachment I then look at the Attachment.Message
property and I would hope to be able to use properties like BodyText,
Attachments and so on to extract the content of this attached message.
But when I try to use them these properties are empty.

I'm using Groupwise 5.5. I don't think I have GW 5.5 EP but how would I
tell and would it make a difference? I'm not sure what version the GW
server side software is. Again, would that make a difference?

I'm coding in Delphi 6 and have used the C3POPWR example as my starting
point. I modified that so that it would compile with Delphi 6 (it was
targeted at D2) and then stripped out all the code I didn't need.

I would appreciate any help and advice that's offered.


David Heffernan.