Programmatically, I delete a message. Sometimes there is an extended delay
before the Mailbox list refreshes.

I have tried the "force refresh" logic in the documentation, but it has had
no effect. Has anybody out there had success with a programatic refresh??

Is there a good code example in C++ ?

This is the excerpt that I tried without success.

From gwc3penu.pdf page 32.
Refreshing the Client User Interface

A C3PO that replaces custom commands often needs to refresh the client user

interface. To do this, given the GWClientState interface, invoke the

BuildPersistentID method using the syntax GW#C#xxx where xxx is a

function, such as Open. Then call the BuildCommand method, passing the

new ID to create a GWCommand. Finally, execute the GWCommand to

refresh the Client UI. (See "Pre-Built Command ID Encoding" on page 119.)

Note that if you refresh a query folder, the query will re-execute. The

in "Pre-Built Command ID Encoding" on page 119 provide a text parameter

that is associated with each numerical value.

Adam Bentley