Hello there,

We're currently implementing a system for automatic call-forwarding using
Groupwise appointment information. At the moment the system is fully coded
and working, but we only use free or busy information to enable or disable
call-forwarding to a default call-forwarding number for the monitored

We have coded a similar system for Outlook and Exchange, for which we've
used custom forms to add an extra tab to the "New Appointment" dialog so
that users can set up their own call forwarding information on a per-
appointment basis.

In Groupwise we'd like to do the same, either by adding a tab to the new
appointment window or a different way. I've read through the C3PO
documentation and it seems the right way to do this is by using a C3PO

I'm using Visual Basic as programming language and I've already used the
GW Object API for the current application. My goal is to add an extra tab
called 'Call Forwarding' to the new Appointment window in which the user
can select three options: Default CF-number, custom CF-numer of disable
CF. Our monitor application should be able to read these options and
custom CF number (if set) using the Object API.

Has anyone got experiences on how to do this, or a starting point for
beginning this task? Your help will be much appreciated!

Yours sincerely,
Frank Schoep