Hi, I am writing a C3PO to remove certain contacts from a user's
Frequent Contact's list. It is mostly working, however it seem that
Groupwise occasionally freezes after my C3PO has run.

My C3PO creates a new thread on the Ready event, and then proceeds to
process and delete duplicate entries from the Frequent Contacts. The
thread completes without a problem, but then Groupwise will sometimes
lock up a few seconds or minutes later. Other times Groupwise might not
freeze at all. Or sometimes, GroupWise might work fine, but when I quit
Groupwise the window disappears without the process disappearing.
Causing future sessions to not start up.

Is there any known issues concerning removing items from the Frequent
Contacts list. Do I need to tell Groupwise that I have made changes to
the FC or something? Has anyone else experienced similiar instability
from their plugins? Any comments, suggestions?