I am writing a C3PO plugin for GroupWise Client 6.5. This plugin actually
integrates with our Core product. A new toolbar button is added, it will
check-in the mail messages into a web-based application (VRD). What I am
trying to do, is simply to call "Send the new e-mail" before checking in
the new message into VRD. How do I call the pre-defined send?

I tried the following:
1) I can not reference the new message before user save the message or
send the message;
2) I tried to sub-class the send button, so to reference the BaseCmd, but
the CommandFactory.BuildCommand will not be called only if user clicks the
button, which is expected.

So, how to execute a pre-defined command from a user defined command?

Thank you very much for any suggestions!!

Minghui Liu

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