When in groupwise, you can right click on the toolbar and customize it.

There are 3 options for button display:
1. Picture (icon only)
2. Picture and text (text is shown below the icon for all buttons)
3. Picture and selected text on the right (some buttons have text to
the right, some don't)

Is it possible for a c3po to add a button that has text that shows up when
#2 is chosen, but not when #3 is chosen? Groupwise does it, but I haven't
found a way for my C3PO to do it.

Also, groupwise also has buttons wtih a drop down menu attached to them, and
the little down arrow indicating that the button will drop a menu. Is there
any way to do buttons like these from a C3PO? It doesn't look like it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Scott McBurney