Hi All,

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am losing sleep, my hair, my
sanity and any respect I had for groupwise... ; )

Ok, heres the deal... I am trying to send a HTML formatted EMail
programmatically using groupwise that the user will be able to edit
before it is sent...

I have tried several methods all without success...

1) I create the Email using Groupware Object Model, attach a file called
Text.htm. The file is correctly used as the HTML body but then if I
attempt to show the mail to the user with Groupwise tokens all of the
address fields (To, CC, BC) are reset???!!!

2) If I create the whole mail using Tokens there is no way to Set the
HTML body. If I attach the Text.Htm file then it is not treated as the
HTML body, it is just shown as a normal attachment!!!

3) If I use MAPI the TEXT.htm file is not treated as the HTML body and
there is no way to set the HTML text via the MAPI Api.

I just want to create a HTML formatted EMail from code... So far I have
had to use 3 different API's and I am still no further forward.