Well, in my quest to make proxy user detection a reality, I have devised
the following solution to detect in my C3PO when a user switches between a
proxy user account and the root account. I hope this helps someone. If You /
I have any issues with this approach, please post it here.



Global g_objCurrentAccount as Object
Global m_blnUsingProxyAcct as boolean
Global g_objGWManagerRef as Object

--- On my "Init" routine:

Set g_objGWManagerRef = objGWManager
Set g_objCurrentAccount = objGWManager.ClientState.CurrentAccount
m_blnUsingProxyAcct = g_objCurrentAccount.Proxied


--- And on a timed event: (using a form w/ a timer control)
If objGWManager.ClientState.CurrentAccount.Proxied = True then
If m_blnUsingProxyAcct = False then
Deinit '(Root)
Init '(using Proxy Account)
end if
If m_blnUsingProxyAcct = True then
Deinit '(Proxy)
Init '(using Root Account)
end if
end if