Sorry if this is a repeat but from the HTTP forums I couldn't find a
search utility.

I am working on a C3PO and I actually took the C3PO class at Brainshare. I
am quite confident that I am doing most everything right, however I am
having an issue remembering how to register a dll. I do know all the
general stuff like, compile the dll and from cmd or run do "regsvr32
xxxc3po.dll" but every time I do it gives me, "xxxc3po.dll was loaded, but
the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.nThis file cannot be

I understand what this is saying, however I am using MSVC++ 6 and not
Visual Studio (which I believe was what was used at Brainshare). I know
that there is something that needs to be set within Visual Studio to make
it possible to register this dll but I can't, for the life of me, remember
what it is. I used the C3PO Wizard to create this as well so I wouldn't
think that there were coding issues but I can post code if needed. It's a
blank C3PO, I just want to register the **** dll. =P Thanks in advance!
Nicholas J. Krut