I have written a C3PO that, on initialisation, checks the email ID of the
mailbox. If the ID matches a particular account (used to broadcast
messages to large numbers of staff) then a new menu is added to the "Mail
To:" window that allows the user to choose predefined groups of recipients.

I've now been asked to modify the C3PO such that users with proxy access
to this particular mailbox can use the custom menu (instead of quitting
GroupWise and logging back in as the account for broadcasting messages).

I wish to retain the feature that the custom menu is only visible when the
appropriate mailbox is being accessed since it is not desirable to have
mass mail sent from an individual's mailbox.

However proxy access can be performed from several places, including the
Mail To: window.

Can anyone advise me on how I should go about checking the ID after the
C3PO has been initialised and perhaps trapping when proxy access has been

Many thanks in advance,