I've been trying to use the new C3PO Wizard, to generate a .Net assembly
that will integrate into a GW7 klient. In my initial test I just listen
for the "OnReady" event just too see if I can make it work.

Here's what I've done so far:

- Use the wizard to generate files as well as a project file. The files
and the project file is apparently aimed at Vs.Net 2005 and since I'm
using Vs.Net 2003, I do this:
- Create a new "class library" project.
- Insert all the generated files from the Wizard.
- All the .cs files reference "System.Collection.Generic" which does not
exist in Vs.Net 2003, but since Generic Collections are not actually used
in the code I just remove the "using" statements from all files.
- Insert a reference to "C3POTypeLibrary". The code now compiles.
- I also insert the generated AssemblyInfo.cs file from the wizard (this
file specifies the GUID of the ultimated COM object)
- Then I create a public/private keypair using "sn -k and specify Vs.Net
to use this file to sign the compiled assembly.
- Build the assembly.
- Use "regasm <assemblyname> /tlb:<assemblyname.tlb>" to COM-register the
- Use "gacutil -i <assemblyname>" to register the assembly in the GAC.

Now I should be all set, so I specifcy the "grpwise.exe" file as the
program to debug in Vs.Net. Hit F5 to run it.

Now the GW client splash screen shows and then......nothing happens. GW
does not start and the splash screen just sits there until i kill the
process. Same behaviour if I start GrpWise.exe from outside Vs.Net. Only
way to fix is to unregister the COM objet (using "regasm /unregister").

Also, inside Vs.Net I can see in the module debug window that my C3PO dll
is loaded into the process, which leads my to think that all registry
entries should be in place.

Anyone have an idea as to why GrpWise stalls ???

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Jacob Colding