I have a project where I have to add a custom field for a File Number to
both new and existing GW Messages (email, appointments, tasks, notes,
phone). I understand from the documentation for GW Object API how to
create a custom field definition and add a field to a message. However, I
have to use the C3PO to allow the User to add the field to messages and I
am new to this.

My questions are:

A) For New Messages

1) Can I add a textbox to the built-in GW Message dialog for the File
Number (if so, how), or would I have to recreate the wheel by creating a
new subclass of the message and design the form?

2) Would it be better to display a separate custom dialog for the User to
fill out just the File Number by trapping events such as message create
event? Any ideas how?

B) Existing Messages

1) I know I can add buttons to the GW Toolbar. If I add a button to
display dialog for User to fill out File Number for the selected
message(s) in the InBox or other folders, would I use the ClientState
Implementation SelectedMessages property to do this?

2) Will Users be able to use GW Find feature to find messages with a
custom field (File Number)?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!

Suzanne Gregg
AppSolute Consulting Inc.