I'm afraid that I'm not as clever as the latest C3PO wizard.

I've followed (without understanding) the Read Me instructions generated
by the wizard (to create a C3PO with C# code that displays a custom menu)
and reached the point where my type library is listed in the COM

The next step reads:

"5) Make a C3POTypeLibrary and System.Windows.Forms reference in visual
stadio for accessing GroupWise object. C# is a strong type language and
the generic
object will not be able to convert automatically."

In the past, with VB 6, I simply had to run the executable with a command
line parameter of /R to register the C3PO and GroupWise would run with the
C3PO - It seems that with the generated code and .NET this is no longer
necessary. But what do I do next, if anything? GroupWise doesn't appear
to be running my new C3PO (the custom menu is not displayed) but I am
unable to determine if this is because there is bug in my wizard generated
code or because the C3PO not running/loaded?

Finally, with the C3PO wizard, why can't I create a top level menu
alongside File, Edit, View, Actions, Tools etc? The option to add a menu
item only becomes active when an existing menu is highlighted.

Any advice or pointers to simple documentation (specific to .NET) would be
very much appreciated.