Hi, after browsing through your earlier replies in the forum, I thought
custom fields was same as custom headers. I was looking at chapter 8:
Understanding Field and Field Related Objects, in the document

Is that assumption correct?

Regards, Joy

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> You might need the API gateway to do that. I think an alternative is to
> create your own "intermediate" gateway that gets run before the SMTP
> gateway. I'm not sure how you do it, but I know the Guinevere product
> works like that.
> "Joy Kulangara" <joy1910@gmail.com> wrote in
> news:mailman.96.1146250195.25053.gwc3po-dev@forge.novell.com:
> > I want to add some custom headers to a new email composed with
> > groupwise email client (or while replying to an email). Is this
> > possible in groupwise? I have done this in Outlook and Thunderbird.
> > Not able to find the correct API in groupwise. Any help will be much
> > appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks, Joy
> >