I used the wizard output with VS.Net 2003. So I think it should also work
with VS 2005.
Just try it ;)

Right now I am nearly finished with a C3PO written in C#. With VS 2005
you can create a setup project which you can configure to check if the
..Net Framework is already installed. If it's not installed you can deliver it
with the setup project or give the user a link to the MS download site.


>>> novell-gwc3po@leoshaw.co.uk 10.07.2006 17:57 >>>


I need to develop a C3PO with a GUI and was hoping it would be possible
to use Visual C++ 2005 because it has a nice GUI builder.

Is it possible to convert the Visual C++ 6.0 project output by the
wizard to work in Visual C++ 2005? I don't have any experience with VC6
and suspect it will be a painful learning curve, I also suspect C#.net
is unsuitable because there's no guarantee that a user will have the CLR

Thanks for any help,

Leo Shaw