Already able to export message as the Mime.822 file, done.
Need to be able to detect if Groupwise 7 session is running on client, if
so, click a button in an external application and launch the Mine.822 file
inside of groupwise.

Within groupwise 7.0 client while it is running, you can click on "File",
then "Retrieve", then select the Mine.822 file which then opens it as if
it was a normal email in groupwise.

No threads or example code on reading files through the C3PO API or GWI
Preffered Langage: VB

Action preffered:
On button click, detect session state of client (open or closed), if open,
mimic the "Retrieve..." functionality passing it a filename and have
Groupwise open the file.

API example:
Sub Retrieve([FileName])

Where [FileName] is full path and filename to the Mime.822 or EML file.

Thanks ahead of time.