I am developing for GroupWise client 7.0.1 using C# (Visual Studio .NET
2005 ) and C3PO Wizard. And I have faced a problem to add custom button to
client toolbar. I have tested my C3PO Wizard by creating a project to add
custom menu button and found no problems. Menu button appears when GW
client is runing. But when I created and registered the C# project to add
custom toolbar button I couldn't find new button in Client toolbar.

Here is a piece of source code to create new toolbar button (generated by
C3PO Wizard):

public bool CustomizeToolbar(ref string sGWContext, ref object
C3POTypeLibrary.GWToolbar Button;
C3POTypeLibrary.GWToolbarItems ButtonItems;
C3POTypeLibrary.GWToolbarItem ButtonItem;
string FilePath;
bool bChanged = false;

// Check for GW.CLIENT or any sub context
if (sGWContext.Length > 0 && sGWContext.IndexOf("GW.CLIENT")
== 0)
Button = (C3POTypeLibrary.GWToolbar)objGWToolbar;

// Build GWCommand object
GWCommand Cmd00 = new GWCommand(CSharpT1.NewBtn);

// Set Button Tooltip
Cmd00.ToolTip = "NewBtn";

// Add button to toolbar
ButtonItems =
(C3POTypeLibrary.GWToolbarItems)Button.ToolbarItem s;
ButtonItem =
(C3POTypeLibrary.GWToolbarItem)ButtonItems.Add("Ne wBtn", Cmd00, null);

return bChanged;

I have checked count of button items before and after ButtonItems.Add
But ButtonItems.Count = 14 before and after Add method. So no buttons have
been added.
Please advice how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.