I've completed a C3PO in .NET 2003 and encountered a problem on deploying the app,
which is due to the use of early binding in the project.
When referencing the needed TypeLibs (GroupwareTypeLibrary, C3POTypeLibrary,
GropWiseComander) and set local copy = false, you get a problem while registering the
application via regasm.exe on the enduser workstation. The compiled dll is copied to
GW dir. When launching RegAsm it comes up with the error that the referenced
GroupwareTypeLib can't be found. Maybe it's because the app is developed under GW7
and the target machine has 6.5.6 installed, but I assume it's because regasm expects
the Interop file.

Registering and app works, when you set local copy = true and copy the 3
Interop-files to the GW dir of the target machine before launching regasm, but that
is definitve not the way it should be...

Any hints are welcome ;-))