Hello all, I am somewhat new to C3PO development and I am running into a
problem. I am trying to capture the delete command. All of my code seems
to work as intended when I delete items from the inbox. I can also delete
a single item from the trash without any problems. If, however, I select
multiple items in the trash and click delete, the whole program will crash.

While debugging, I tried to remove as much of my code from the equation as
possible. I now have a very stripped down version that doesn't even do
anything on the delete command. So, I have registered that I want to
handle delete commands, but in WantCommand I just always return false so
that my code never does anything. Groupwise still crashes when I delete
multiple messages from the trash. The only way I seem to be able to "fix"
the problem is to not register for the delete command at all (or not
execute the base command, but this obviously does not delete the items).

Any help is much appreciated.


Note: I am running into this problem on Groupwise 7. I read in the defect
fixes that Groupwise 6.5 did not allow you to capture delete commands from
trash, so you can probably only seen this issue on Groupwise 7.