I've a written C3PO in .NET 2.0 that uses some other NET class libraries.
Running that C3PO on the dev-machine works perfectly, when defining
'C:\Novell\GroupWise\groupwise.exe' as the external application to start when

Now it's time to deploy that solution to other machines. By now the integrated
Toolbar button will only show, if I copy all dll's to the startup directory of the
GroupWise client (i.e. C:\Novell\GroupWise) and then run RegAsm.exe pointing to my
C3PO dll.

If I want to have alle my solution dll's (including the icons.dll!) in an extra
directory (i.e. C:\mySolution) that does not work, although the Registry-entries
(under the GW C3PO DataTypes) are written through RegAsm.exe and also the CLSID's
seem to be correct. - When starting the GW client my Toolbar-button won't show;
neither the Init() method will be called.

Do I really have to make each class, which is created ny the C3PO-Wizard (C3poserv,
Commandf, Eventmon, ..), as a COM-class for getting my result?
All these classes are set to be COM-visible by now.

Thanks in advance for any hint.