We are using Novell C3PO to export messages in XML format when the user
press a button at the GroupWise Client message window, and this was done to
provide an integration with a ERP software (from a very famous company here
in Brazil), so the user reads his emails and can click this button and open
the ERP ORDER SCREEN with all costumer's data filled in, that increases the
productivity of the Sales Departament.
REsuming, the main porpouse is to collect information of each email to open
the Order Screen of the ERP system, without having to type everything again.

The costumer wanted to go on and get several messages at the same time, that
was stored on a GroupWise Folder, using a simple redirection rule and this
was done using Visual Basic (called here "looking process"), that looks for
messages into a specific folder in the GroupWise Client called "_Send". So,
convert that messages to XML and then move to another folder called

Now we can drag many messages at the same time to the folder _Send and then
they will be converted. It is working very well. The problem is that the
GroupWise Client computers are becoming slower because of the "looking
process" (that VB application). We used VB because we could not find a
process or a feature in C3PO that selects several messages at the same time
and read them one-by-one.

1- Can I have this "Looking Process" using C3PO tools ?
2- Is there a way to detect a "Drag-and-Drop" event in the GroupWise Client
with C3PO, so I would not need to scan those folders ?