Hi all,

I'm using the 7.0.1 eval version of GroupWise, patched to 7.0.2 HP 6/6/2007.
The server is the same version.

I'm trying to put a new button on the toolbar in C# (with the
GW.CLIENT.WINDOW.BROWSER context) - the button shows up as expected. It also
gets validate events - quite frequently and my code always returns 0 from
Validate() and the button is always enabled. However, no matter what I do, I
never get an Exectute() call on the command object I create for this button
when I click it. I also tried the GW.CLIENT context, in which case the
button shows up in the same place (main GW client toolbar), and it behaves
the same.

If I try to create the button with the GW.MESSAGE.MAIL context and I
double-click emails, the button shows up on the toolbar of the message
window. When I click this button, I properly get Execute() calls. I also
have no problem getting context menu items working.

Is there anything special I need to do to get callbacks for buttons on the
main toolbar?

Gyorgy Bozoki