Thanks. I understand the concept but I'm having trouble with the coding -
I was expecting to see something in my gwoapi.h like "get_Category" and
"put_Category" but can find nothing like that. Do I have an out of date
sdk? Or can you point me to some sample code?

"Glade Monson" <> wrote in message
> Jeff,
> After creating the new draft message programmatically, you would then get
> the categories property of that new message and add the category that you
> want. Then you would use the new draft message as a parameter in your
> AddExistingMessage function.
> Hope that helps,
> Glade,
> Novell Developer Support
>>>> On 9/4/2007 at 2:49 PM, in message

> <RxjDi.4424$>, Jeff
> McKay<> wrote:
>> When using the GW Object API (C++) how do I set the "category" for
>> a newly created email? (By category I mean "Personal, Follow-up, etc.)
>> The email is created using AddExistingMessage().
>> I'm assuming I need to set a property when creating the draft message,
>> but I
>> don't see any API for setting the category.