I´m using GroupWise 7.0.2 with Advansys Formativ and here´s my
question: I have programmed an applet which checks in one function if a
specific category already exists. In case it doesn´t exist it will
be created. This works, but with one problem: The new category which
should be added is not visible in the category selection menu (context of
a mail - categories) until I restart my GroupWise client. Is there any way
to fix this? Using some kind of refresh-function or so on?

This is my code:

Sub MakeCategory(catname)
Dim catexists
Dim i
catexists = False
For i = 1 to GroupWise.Account.CategoryDefinitions.Count
If (GroupWise.Account.CategoryDefinitions.Item(i).Nam e = catname) Then
catexists = True
set oCategory = GroupWise.Account.CategoryDefinitions.Item(i)
End If
If (catexists = False) Then
set oCategory = GroupWise.Account.CategoryDefinitions.Add(catname)
End If
oCategory.Color = 4227072
End Sub

Thanks for help!