Hi all,

I have a fair amount of general development experience but I'm very new to
eDirectory/GroupWise (read: know almost nothing about them. :) )

I was given a task to write a simple application that runs on the server and
checks all email traffic. When an email is coming in or going out (to/from
any user in the system), I should be able to inspect the email and save some
information about it (as a starter, it's enough to save, say, the time, the
sender, the recipient and the subject to a text file or to a database. (The
purpose of this is just a proof-of-concept.) I'm using the GW 7.0.1 eval

I have some vague ideas as to how to do this (I'd like to use C++ or C#),
but I have a hard time seeing what I need to do.

1. I guess I need a trusted application to do this, but will it be a DLL or
an EXE? How do I communicate to the GW server? Would I need a GW Client
installed on the server box for this?

2. Can I get a notification from the GW server that an email is just coming
in/going out? Or do I have to log in into every individual mailbox
periodically and do a check there?

I figured that I'd have to use the Object API to access information about
emails, but it seems that I'd have to log in to every mailbox one by one.
I'd like to avoid that and do the email filtering on a global level, for
every user at the same time. I also didn't see any event specification in
the Object API documentation. Did I miss/misunderstand something?

Any pointers would be most welcome.

Thanks a lot,