Hi together

With my word-application I want read and write addresses from the groupwise
addressbooks. Everything works, exept one small point. I could not to find
out how to get the access rights of a shared addressbook.

That is what I have at the time:

gwAccount-object as a GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account2
here I find
gwAccount.Owner.DisplayName = "Thomas Gahler"
gwAccount.Owner.EmailAddress = "thomas.gahler@abcde.ch"

gwAddressBook-object as a GroupwareTypeLibrary.AddressBook2
here I find
gwAddressBook.AddressBookRights(1).Address.Display Name = "Gahler, Thomas"
gwAddressBook.AddressBookRights(1).Address.EmailAd dress =

I don't find any value that will match between the current account and the

And I can't use the gwAddressBook.AddressBookRights(1).Access-property
because I don't know my item-number in the collection.

So who can help me and show me the way, for how to find my accessrights
(ewgFullAccess or wgReadOnly) for a shared addressbook.

Thanks for help

Thomas Gahler
MVP fr WordVBA
Co-Autor von Microsoft Word-Programmierung.
Das Handbuch (MS Press)

- Windows XP (SP2), Office XP (SP3), Groupwise 7.0