I have a working VBScript that uses the GroupWise API that creates/imports
users to GroupWise and NDS. Works great.

Now I'm trying to do the same with PowerShell but having a hard time with
the COM instantiation.

I use the following to instantiate:

$novell = New-Object -comobject "NovellGroupWareAdmin"

If I do a Get-Method ($novell | gm) on the $novell variable, I get
nothing. If I list the PSTypeNames ($novell.pstypenames), I get a GUID
that's all zeros meaning, I assume, that it is a generic object it loaded
and can't read the actual API.

According to my PowerShell book, some COMs will have trouble since
PowerShell runs in "Multi-Threaded Apartment (MTA)" mode and some COMs
require the calling application to be running in "Single-Treaded Apartment
(STA)" mode.

So basically, I'm trying to figure out if the GroupWise API supports MTA
or not and if anyone has got the API to work in PowerShell without having
to embed VBScript to do it. Works fine in PowerShell if I use it that way
but I would prefer not to embed.

Any thoughts?