I've got an issue that is only occurring at two different customers'
sites, but only for one user for each. And of course we can't duplicate
it in house. I know one customer is on GroupWise version 7.0.2 and I
think the other is as well, although I will have to double check that.

Our program provides a way to send an e-mail using the MAPI client via
extended MAPI. This has worked just fine in house, and as far as we know
for the most part in the field as well.

For these users, apparently they are able to send to e-mail addresses
outside of their domain just fine. For example, they were able to send
e-mails to us without problem. But if they try to send an e-mail to
another user within the domain, the e-mail does get sent over to
GroupWise, but the To field is completely blank, and thus the e-mail never
gets delivered to anybody. This is true whether the address is selected
from the address book or typed in manually.

I did some remote debugging via a special build of our program that pops
up message boxes during the process to check the recipient's e-mail
address. According to what they sent back, the e-mail address is complete
all they way through the process, from adding the addresses to the
recipient list, calling IAddrBook::ResolveName, and
IMessage::ModifyRecipients, all of which return S_OK. At that point the
only thing we do is build up the rest of the e-mail and then call

So my question is: since this works in most cases, it seems like a bug or
maybe a configuration issue for these particular users. Or is there
something that I could be missing?

Any input would be helpful.

Thank you,
Mark Smith