Groupwise API AddressBookEntries Find method
I am having trouble using the AddressBookEntries Find method. My basic
task is to retreive all recipients that match a particular string "name*"
so this is what I have (sorry I cannot put the "exact" code)...

I loop over all address books
Get the address book
get the AddressBookEntries
Create a filter =
"(<First Name> CONTAINS "name*") OR (<Last Name> CONTAINS "name*") OR
(<E-Mail Address> CONTAINS "name*")"

I then do the Find call and all is well... unless of course I have a
"large" address book with a large number of recipients. I have tested
against 150,000 and 15,000 and neither of those work. They will throw "An
Unhandled Exception" exception without any additional error information.
Is there any "undocumented" limits on what the API is able to handle when
using this function or is this an actual problem? Do you need to see code
before diagnosing?