Hi all,

I'm using 7.0.2HP and I'm having trouble telling if an attachment shows up
in the attachment list because it belongs to the email body (htm file,
several image files, etc.) or because it's a genuine attachment.

I tried sending an email to myself that was written in HTML format and a bmp
file was inserted into the email body but when I received the email, the
image didn't show up anywhere. It did come up in the Attachments collection
of the message object, but there how can I tell which ones belong to the
body? (So that I can save all necessary files together so the email body can
be opened and viewed as an HTML file in the file system.)

I cannot find a way to say where the body-related attachments end and where
the user-attached files begin in the Attachments collection.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gyorgy Bozoki