In our program, we mirror the e-mail folders of the default MAPI client. So
we have to support pretty much everything e-mail-wise.

If you have an embedded message (an e-mail with an attachment that is
another e-mail), we write out the contents of the e-mail to a temporary .msg
file on disk. This works great with Outlook, since Outlook knows how to
open a .msg file and usually sets itself as the default program to open .msg

With GroupWise this doesn't work so well. With the standard GroupWise
install, windows messaging is the default program for .msg files, however it
won't open a file that we have open - the user gets an access denied error.
So the user can save or copy the temporary file to another location on disk
and then open it from there, but this is a cumbersome workaround. And for a
couple of our clients, they receive lots of e-mails of this type, so this a

As near as I can tell GroupWise does not support .msg files at all, so that
is not an option. Is there, however a file format that we can use that
GroupWise can read? Or maybe some way to quickly and easily create a
GroupWise mail object from a MAPI e-mail and open that with GroupWise?
Obviously, given the requirements of our program, MAPI would be the first
choice for an API, but we could possibly get into the GroupWise object API.
I have no experience with the GroupWise object API, so if that is the only
option, where would be a good place to start learning about this?

Or maybe there are some other options here?

Thank you,
Mark Smith