I have some C++ code that adds messages to the GW cabinet
using AddExistingMessage(). I create a plain text message by using
the API put_PlainText(). This has been working fine up until 7.0.
Now, under the 7.0 GW client, the text gets cut off exactly 117 bytes
from the end, no matter what the length of the text is. I am as certain
as I can be that the BSTR variable I am passing into put_PlainText is
intact. As I said, works fine under 6.x, does not work under 7.0.

I'm more than willing to assume that the problem is mine, but I really
can't see it. Can someone at Novell look into this?

Another quick question - in a previous reply, Preston mentioned that
a feature had been put into the "Bonsai" code base - what version of
the GW client will that be in, and when will it be released?