Hi all,

I'm working on an application that integrates into the GW client (7.0.2 HP)
and saves some data into a database based on user choices. Later on, this
data is used during processing, but this is done on the server-side, using

I have various problems exactly matching attachments on the client side and
on the server side, because the Object API only exposes a few attachment
fields (name, display name and size, I think) - this makes it fairly hard to
hide attachments that belong to the HTML message body, for example. It'd be
nice if the Object API exposed all attachment-related fields from the SOAP
API, since that way attachment IDs could be saved and a GW plugin could
easily tell if an attachment is just for the HTML body (using contentId.) I
know I can parse the HTML content, but all the data is already available to
the client, so it'd be a lot better if it was simply exposed. (And parsing
the HTML still doesn't give me the attachment ID, the hidden field, etc.)

Gyorgy Bozoki