I'm getting a message box titled "Address Book Warning" that says ""The
resource DLL corresponding to the language specified by the
'Software\Novell\GroupWise\Interface Language' setting in the Windows
registry could not be found. A resource DLL based on the language 'US' has
been found and is being used instead."

I have two questions/concerns:

1. How do I fix this? I looked at the registry path in question, and the
path exists, and there is one key present: The Default key, with value "US".
2. This is a windows service, and I would very much prefer to not get any
messages. I'm calling multi-logon with the "/ntservice" switch, and
WhenToPrompt set to egwNeverPrompt, so I wouldn't expect to see any
messages, per the documentation:

Note: I get this message sporadically, like every 10 or 20 messages
processed. I'm not sure if I'm getting it on the same messages every time or
not. I've got two accounts going at the same time as separate threads, each
one has called MultiLogin. I also have them emailing each other
back-and-forth as fast as they can. It seems to take about 1.5 minutes for
each to fire off 40-50 emails.

Here is my multiLogin:

//Calculate the CmdLine using this example: "/ipa- /ipp-1677
CString csCmdLine = _T("");
csCmdLine.Format("/ipa-%s /ipp-%s /ntservice", csServerName, csPort);
V_I2(&vWhenToPrompt) = egwNeverPrompt;
if(!SUCCEEDED(m_pIGWSession->MultiLogin(bstrUserID, vCmdLine, vPassword,
vWhenToPrompt, vReserved, &pDIGWAccount)))