G'day all.
We use GW7.0.2 and I'm using VS.NET2005 for creating my app. Through the gw
object api I'm able to add an (personal) appointment to the calendar. This
appointment is displayed, using the Windows client, as expected in the
user's calendar. Then I added a sub calendar to the rootcalendar and added
an appointment using the Windows client. The appointment is only visible in
the sub-calendar and not in de rootcalendar. However if I add an appointment
to a sub-calendar using the object api it is displayed in the sub calendar
and the root calendar. Why? Perhaps I'm missing something in my code. Any


Calling form
<skipped the login part and some declarations>

Dim gwFolder As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Folder6
Dim gwAppointment As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Appointment9

''set the correct folder
gwFolder = GWRootAccount.Calendar.Folders.Item(1)

''add the appointment
gwAppointment = GWCalls.Add_Personal_Appointment(gwFolder, "Subject",
"Body", "Place", Date.Now, DateAdd(DateInterval.Hour, 6, Date.Now))

If gwAppointment Is Nothing Then
''failed to add the appointment
MsgBox("Adding of appointment failed", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
End If

Class form (GWCalls)

Public Function Add_Personal_Appointment(ByRef Folder As
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Folder6, _
ByVal Subject As String, _
ByVal Bodytext As String, _
ByVal Place As String, _
ByVal StartDate As Date, _
ByVal EndDate As Date) As

Dim _gwAppointment As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Appointment9 = Nothing
Dim _gwMessages As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Messages = Nothing

_gwMessages = Folder.Messages
_gwAppointment = _gwMessages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTMENT", 3)

With _gwAppointment
.BodyText.PlainText = Bodytext
.Subject.PlainText = Subject
.StartDate = StartDate
.EndDate = EndDate
.Place = Place
.FromText = Folder.Owner.DisplayName
End With
Catch ex As Exception
_gwAppointment = Nothing
End Try

Return _gwAppointment

End Function