I have a question: When I execute MultiLogon - or any function, for that
matter - and it fails, is there a way to see a string description of the
error? For instance, my current code is this (Note: I set a trusted
application above):

if(!SUCCEEDED(m_pIGWSession->MultiLogin(bstrUserID, vCmdLine, vPassword,
vWhenToPrompt, vReserved, &pDIGWAccount))) {
CString csErrMsg = _T("");
csErrMsg.Format("Could not login to GroupWise with userid: %s and
command: %s", csUserID, csCmdLine);
toReturn = FALSE;

However, does GroupWise return an error message, too, that I can display? I
would also extend this question to all other GroupWise Object API calls: I
would love to be able to display the GroupWise error message, if one is

For instance, right now my MultiLogin stopped working all of a sudden. It
worked for a while, and now it has stopped working. If I pass a password for
the password paramater, then it works, but if I pass nothing, it doesn't.
So, I'm wondering if a problem has happened with the trusted application. We
upgraded GroupWise from 7.01 to 7.03, although I'm still using 7.01 client
on my computer. I can also login through the GroupWise client just fine.


Thanks for your help. Sincerely,

Jason Foster