Hi All,

My app has a COM-connection with GroupWise
which has run flawless for many years.
My customer has upgraded his MS-Office to 2007.
Now my app crashes at several points, _after_ the
COM-interface to GroupWise has been used !?!?!?

My app has only one form that instantiates a GW-object,
inserts/updates an appointment and destroys the GW-object.
When this form is not touched, my app works all day.
When this form is used, my app will crash elsewere eventually.
I conclude that some memory gets corrupted that affects
another part of my app.
This only happens when MS-Office 2007 is installed (to
which my app also uses a COM-interface). No problems
using any previous version of MS-Office.
Seems that GroupWise and Office 2007 don't like each
other but then only on the API level.

Has anyone got any idea what's happening here?

My customer uses XPpro sp3 and GW-client 7.0.2 6-4-2007 Build 561