I've come across a strange situation that I'm trying to figure out.
Basically, I have a group in my address book. The members of this group
were all added from another one of my personal address books. I'm working
on a program with the object API that manipulates personal address books and
so far it works for 99% of the entries.

The problem I have is that if I delete an entry from a personal address book
that was used to create this group, there is still an entry there in the
group, but nothing in the address book. When my program runs, it sees that
the entry as part of a group(using the groupmembers function to retrieve
these entries), I can display the email address, etc, I just can't modify
this entry in the group unless an address book entry exists for it. No
errors are thrown, but nothing changes.

Does anybody know of a way around this?