We have an application that processes documents in a GroupWise library.

We've used it for a variety of customers over the years. Most have 10's of thousands of documents. A few have 100's of thousands.

It's a scriptable application. We create custom scripts to export data and perform actions on each document based on what the customer needs.

For the first time, we've been asked to process a library with 100's of thousands of documents (300,000+) by exporting the activity log (i.e. document version events) for every document.

As the application runs, it REALLY hangs up when trying to retrieve a DocumentVersion.DocumentVersionEvents collection.

In practice, I've seen GW take as long as *30 MINUTES* to return the object. The fastest it returns the object is 10 minutes. !!! This is obviously too slow to be useful.

This was on a 7.0.3 system with agents running on a NW 6.5 server, with documents being stored at the PO. We tried it while connecting in Client/Server mode, and UNC mode. Same result either way. Again, 300,000+ documents.

I then ran it on a similar system for a different customer (290,000 documents). They are running a GW 6.5 system, with Win32 agents on a Win2k3 server. The documents are also stored at the PO. We also tried via client/server and unc. Their system has the exact same results.

In my lab environment, I have a GW 7.0.3 system with agents on Win32 (Win2k3), and the documents stored at the PO. This system only has 100 documents. For me, it does run slow, but it is acceptable (30-60 seconds per document.)

Is this performance to be expected by the OAPI on libraries of this size? Is there any way around the performance issues?

I suspect that it just is what it is, but I'd like confirmation from others (especially Novell).